Destiny At Fault (Mistakenly Yours)

Destiny At Fault (Mistakenly Yours)

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Muskan Akbar By Muskan_Akbar Updated Dec 27, 2018


Sequel to "Destined to be yours" 

Every story has a start and an end. 
But what if a story has a twist? A start, a pause and then an end?

Well this is what happened to our very own broken soul Ahaan. After the death of Sufiya he became more arongant. It's hard to believe but he was now termed as the king of Zohrab (Imaginative city)!

But in the windy hue, nowhere it is written Kings Cannot fall in love! Oops! I mean in love AGAIN. 

The story started in a jungle and it seemed as if it ended there but Prince Ahaan Khan, is none other than brother of King Ruman Khan, and so twist in his tale is obvious too.

Meet Ahana Sayeed, a young talented and of course full energy bomb. She sees each and every challenge as a life or death war. And when she was FORCED to marry Ahaan, the tale took another root.

"Destiny at Fault!" is the sequel to "Destined to be yours" and the book #2 of "Destiny" series.

Hope you guys love them the same way you loved Madeeha and Ruman!

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