We Don't Need Fusion To Show We're In Love (Billdip Gem Falls AU)

We Don't Need Fusion To Show We're In Love (Billdip Gem Falls AU)

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 By alphyneship23 Updated Oct 09, 2017

OMG I was like, fangirling all over the place because of the picture cover I put, I think I'm gonna have real fun with this fanfic

Billdip Gem Falls AU....yes, that's all u need to know, all the info is inside

if you Don't like Yaoi, Billdip or this Alternative Universe....THEN DON"T READ IT AND BE COMMENTING SHIT!!!....REAL Billdip shippers WELCOME!!!!

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-TheLastGayTimelord- -TheLastGayTimelord- May 08, 2017
I can't see the picture! Oh nooooo!!!! That's ok. I've always pictured Tourmaline sorta like Honey-senpai but more feminine so I'll just picture that
-TheLastGayTimelord- -TheLastGayTimelord- May 08, 2017
Beautiful. I'd hit that. *breaks serious facade* wtf am I even doing 😂
LostGeekLeek LostGeekLeek Dec 24, 2016
*imagines Amethyst with Grunkle Stan's "her aim is getting better" face*
KwyChua KwyChua Oct 13, 2016
I already like it!And I think the longer the chapter the better!
X_Chibitalia_x X_Chibitalia_x Oct 22, 2016
I loooovee this story already and it's just the first chapter! :3
daeneira daeneira Feb 22, 2017
That's me! (That's my birthstone and my Steven universe oc's gem)