Word Of The Week

Word Of The Week

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most_bay By most_bay Updated Mar 03

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This is sort of a mini contest for those who have severe cases of logophilia.

any way, if you decide to join in, you're expected to look up the word of the day and create an understandable sentence that should include said word, then post it in the comments. Best sentence gets a shout out and maybe more good stuff..

*** Please, Don't forget:

1) you MUST look the words up YOURSELVES...

2) Keep the sentences CLEAN!! 

*fasten your seatbelts, logophiles... relax and enjoy the ride. :))

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ScarBeauty ScarBeauty May 02
Noone would ever expect how an insignificant opuscule could bring so much impact to someone's life.
undoubtedlymine undoubtedlymine Jul 22, 2017
The impact of that intriguing opuscule, on her gloomy life, was miraculous. She was swinging in the lap of hope, again.
kratika26 kratika26 May 31, 2017
Ben tried to put a lot of thought into his work but at the end of the day, he ended with an opuscule
dioscuri01 dioscuri01 May 05, 2017
His incapability to write lengthy verses resulted in many opusclule.
_Imperfect_Writing _Imperfect_Writing Oct 13, 2016
As the inspired writer and lover of music finally sits down, they collect their thoughts to make pure music. After years and years of devotion and struggling the work only turns out to be a opuscule but still holds much wonders.
AuroraBorealis9 AuroraBorealis9 Oct 28, 2016
Seriously I don't need to Google it. Coz the comments are enough. #lazydays