In love with Maxx Danziger

In love with Maxx Danziger

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DreamCatchingCatxx By Katysue2002 Updated Jun 08, 2017

Hey guys this is my sequel to falling in love with Maxx Danziger hope you enjoy xx


I had been walking for a couple of hours now and my head was pretty cleared 
I still can't believe he thought I would cheat 
I thought he knew me better than that
I turned around and started to walk back when I felt a firm hand cover my mouth 
I was lifted off the ground tryin to scream but I couldn't 
I got put into the back of a van and the van drove away
I was terrified, I'm gonna die aren't I I thought to myself 
Maybe 30 mins later the van stopped 
When I saw who opened the back of the van I was more terrified than ever and I was really shocked 
It was Austin 
"Calm down Cat, it's okay" he said as he sat next to me in the back of the van and pushed the hair out of my face gently 
I back off until I couldn't go any further 
He grabbed my ankle and pulled me forward 
"Come on!" He said picking me up 
I wanted to scream but his hand covered my mouth
He took me into a house I assume was ...

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