Stitch Girls

Stitch Girls

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Kristin Jacques By krazydiamond Updated Feb 24

They called them the Patchwork Men.

Loyal flesh golems, pieced together from the fallen soldiers on the battlefield. Fuel for the endless war between the Ottoman Republic and the savages of the Byzantine Empire. It is the alchemists who bring them to life, with secret etchings and chemicals, but it is the Stitch Girls who create them.

Needle and thread to make a new man out of many.  

When the draft called for Lillian's husband, he vowed to send her a letter from the front every day. The last one arrived two years ago, along with a silver badge of service. She was one of the lucky ones, at least she knew what happened to her beloved. As a Stitch Girl, she has a secret purpose, recording little details: tattoos, birthmarks, scars. 
There are many who never hear from their men again. Too many.

She sews up the Patchwork Men, more flesh for the front, etching the symbols to wipe them clean until one night, she messes up.

What to do with a Patchwork Man who is not so loyal to the Republic?

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smahurin smahurin Jun 01
He sounds like he's going to be significant, with his dark hair and bird tattoo.
I love the idea of this, right from the idea, blurb and first chapter. I'll definitely will be reading on. You write so beautifully, mixing in the horror and sadness. 
                              Especially like their particularity with the eyes.  They are the very first to rot.
smahurin smahurin Jun 01
SO, I'm ashamed to say I was a silent reader of Edgewise. I'm endeavoring to spam your feed with votes and comments this time around to make up for it...
smahurin smahurin Jun 01
Oh, god. 😭😭 I have two older brothers. Not cool. Not cool at all.
aethea aethea 4 days ago
This is a hilarious image to me...young women calling dibs on body parts they want.
smahurin smahurin Jun 01
Can you actually imagine doing this as your job? I don't think I could ever get used to it...I guess morticians and forensic pathologists and coroners all do though. Just realized I could rattle off a lot of professions that deal with dead bodies. Is that concerning?