rumour girl

rumour girl

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zayn By KhldSD Updated Oct 12, 2016

It was 2012 since Gossip Girl ended. For several years, secrets, scandals and rumors were spread about the Upper East Siders, mainly Chuck, Blair, Nate and Serena. They weren't given the chance to live their lives peacefully without someone spying and sending pictures and details to Gossip Girl. For years, the NJBC were looking for answers about the person behind everything only to reveal that it had been Dan Humphrey all along. Everyone was shocked when they learned that he was indeed Gossip Girl. After the revelation, Chuck, Blair and Nate resented him. Except for Serena who was still in love with him, decided to forgive him and gave him a chance to start over with her. Now that Gossip Girl was revealed and shut down, everybody's lives became normal. Chuck and Blair got married and had a son named Henry. Serena and Dan got back and Nate ran the NY Spectator Publishing Inc.

3 years later...


Serena got out of a cab and walked up to Jean-Georges restaurant. There, she scanned th...

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