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A n n a By Annabunanna Updated 2 days ago


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(Condensed version inside)

EndHotJerks EndHotJerks Oct 23, 2016
I really like your story so far! 😃 It's heartfelt and relatable, and you definitely put a lot of effort into writing it.
MostPopularLoner MostPopularLoner Oct 17, 2016
She keeps so many thoughts to herself. Kinda makes me realize how adults have to spellcheck everything before delivering the final line 🙄😂
wet-t-shirt wet-t-shirt Feb 24
I'm loving this already!  Can't wait to check out the rest.  ;)
storyofangels storyofangels Oct 24, 2016
heartache... I've never experienced a toothache. Heartache however I've experienced.  In my opinion nothing hurts more than your emotions hurting... If that makes any sense at all 😂
MisokoFukumoto MisokoFukumoto Oct 16, 2016
Best characters are the ones in torment. 
                              I MEANT TO NOT SOUND SADIST AAA
belladonnas- belladonnas- Oct 24, 2016
Awesome! I really like you writing style and I'm glad your story beginning wasn't the typical cliché morning-wake-up one.