The Lost Howl (Completed)

The Lost Howl (Completed)

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CJ By CJ_Adler Completed

In human form: she's annoying, funny, rebellious, random, adventurous and impulsive. 
In werewolf form: she's temperamental and lacks full control over her own inner wolf.


     Meet Hailey Taitz, anything but ordinary. She prefers living on the edge and takes life as a wolf to a whole other extreme.

          Jump back ten years into the past and you'll discover the effects of losing your entire pack. Hailey barely makes it out alive and though she's grateful, a permanent hole is left in her heart as a result. She's lost the vital element known as 'control'. 

   Jump back to the present and you'll find Hailey trying to summon control over her wolf. She might just be the only werewolf who's ever been held captive in her own pack for the safety of others.

                              But she's had enough!

   She's tired of living her life under the protection of her pack. When she finally breaks free and heads back to the place where it all started, the missing piece of her wolf is finally found. She comes to discover the reason behind her loss of control - the reason behind her long lost howl.


"So Hails how do you plan on getting us through this one?" Dominic asks as he gestures to the pack of rogues surrounding them. "One day at a time?"

          She lifts her head up high and grins confidently in his direction, "One wolf at a time."

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I had nooo freaking clue my favorite author had a werewolf book and now im jumping like a kangaroo on crack
first book that doesn't have something to do with pause wooop look at me branching out
wooy_amm wooy_amm Aug 12
Hailey reminds me of Aqueela . Especially the squirt part :D
SUPER_NOVA12 SUPER_NOVA12 Dec 19, 2016
This is why I love this author no matter what book it is, it is destined to make you laugh even in your worse days!
BornA_Prodigy278 BornA_Prodigy278 Aug 17, 2016
I'm imagining them as Jay and Aqueela but with different names 😂😂
malkiyahin malkiyahin Jun 04, 2016
I just realized you had a werewolf story... how? Hbk was literally my first book on here