Forever Mangled - NatePat

Forever Mangled - NatePat

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Elenora Enchanted By Forever_In_A_Fantasy Completed

"Why are you doing this Nate?"

"Nate's not here MatPat..."

When Matt and Nate go to visit the real Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria, they have no idea what's in store for them.

Nate's feeling odd after their visit...scarier, vengeful, could even say, nightmare-ish...

Or should I say...Natemare?

{Started: October 31, 2016}
{Completed: May 31, 2017}


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My_Little_Stars6789 My_Little_Stars6789 May 19, 2018
What if this is really happened and there is a fazbear pizzaria place somewhere it werid to think adout it
SPN_IT SPN_IT Jan 05, 2018
Actually, the situation DID happen. The difference is that they weren't kids, but staff that had stayed after hours for a reason I can't remember. Their boss shot all of them, but one lived and and called the police once his boss left the room. I should really find the article...
DecipherTheCipher DecipherTheCipher Jan 28, 2017
It just sounds like Scott really just wanted it to be real... SCOTT IS THE REAL CULPRIT!
LizzyBoyer4 LizzyBoyer4 Aug 19, 2018
Wait this was a real thing!!!!!!!!!! I’m starting to think being chased by a rapist last year actually happened for a reason I’m so scared 😫😰😣