Assassin's creed 3: of love and lust (lemon)

Assassin's creed 3: of love and lust (lemon)

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kimberly Danielle By Hipster_Kimster Updated Jan 01, 2015

       Hai guys this beh your frendly naighborhood llama kimberbunneh veh~, okay so you most likley dont know but i have been ADDICTED to assasins creed for the past MONTHS since i got it for christams, and well i have been reading this series by Bluebeany26, its called  Aligned paths and i recomned you all to read it!!! But yes, as i was saying XD, i felt like writing a lemon for you fellow fans, okay warning...its a LEMON not  LIME, lemons =copulation, so yeah if you no like than no read :) 

   OHHHH one more thing this is before sequence 12 when he shaved his head!!! Enjoy VEH~

Connor caressed the sides of his beloved, (y/n), he hadent seen her in a long time and the next day he would have to go to new york. She stuck with him through it all and this would be something he knew he would most likely not make it back...alive. He placed a sweet kiss upon her cheek waking up his sweet love.

  Her eyes slowly opened to the sight of connor stroking her cheek. "c...connor?" she hugge...

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leaffur5678 leaffur5678 Jul 01, 2016
😂 I know this is a miss word error but I'm laughing really hard!!!!
alwaysintroublc alwaysintroublc Apr 15, 2014
Ohhhhh thanks I thought it meant a knock story to somebody else's or just a one chapter story, either ways its great and I love it!
alwaysintroublc alwaysintroublc Apr 15, 2014
Um question.......what does that me? I been reading that for quiet sometime and never got what it meant 
Hipster_Kimster Hipster_Kimster Apr 15, 2014
                              Your words of advise are always taken into.consideration! ^.^
Hipster_Kimster Hipster_Kimster Apr 15, 2014
@natyy_kenway I know it's short but that's because the rest if the chapter I felt didn't like go together the next chapter will be out on like an hour after I figure out if I should like rewrite it I'm sorry ;_;
KenwayTheAnarchist KenwayTheAnarchist Dec 02, 2013
AHH GUILTY PLEASURES XD I feel flustered but OHH YES CONNY-BOO~ Thanks for this! I barely see Connor lemons and this one was great~ ;D