The Guy Next Door

The Guy Next Door

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Explicit Context...

Successful, hard working, and no tolerance for non-sense attitude made Khloe Sparks the sophisticated, and cold hearted woman people feared. She never minded the loneliness her hard image brought and preferred the unattached life, that is until she blurts to her family that she in fact does have a boyfriend. Desperate she turns to her flirtatious neighbor Wes, a well known womanizer. Determined not to look like a fool in front of her family she makes a deal with Wes to pretend to be in a relationship with her, except this player doesn't want money, he only wants one thing. Her. 

Too deep to back down Khloe plays along while keeping the icy walls around her heart up but can she keep Wes from capturing her heart? 

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I think this first statement should be tweaked a little, coz it doesn't make a lot of sense. Because successful wouldn't have made her all of that, SUCCESS would have
Or, she could just walk away and be done with it all.... She really doesn't have to put herself through this because it's stupid to do that to yourself.
Why is she even wasting her energy, her time, and her breath talking to either of them about this when they clearly don't care about her feelings one bit???
I would tell her that when he'll freezes over, I might consider it but then again, probably not.
Lady_Nae Lady_Nae Apr 30
Stacey would never be welcomed to my home and she should not agree to her coming
Realistically, one of two things would've happened in this situation, she would've either beat the hell out of her or she would've just walked away. It's not realistic for any female to voluntarily stay in this situation.