Where, oh where, is my little Storm at? {Sequel to Riddle me Kat!}

Where, oh where, is my little Storm at? {Sequel to Riddle me Kat!}

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Katrina LeBeau By SpeakNoEvil Completed

***Cover courtesy of immortal_snuggie!***
The sequel to Riddle me this, Riddle me Kat! *Complete!*

Katrina had endured just about everything life could throw at her. She witnessed her parents brutal death at a young age and was taken in by Bruce Wayne, her godfather. Mere months ago, she was 'kidnapped' by Riddler, Scarecrow, Two Face, Joker, Harley, Poisen Ivy, Catwoman, and the rest of the crazy gang after her day jobshadowing at Arkham Asylum.

Edward Nigma still has feelings for Katrina but doesn't want to admit them to himself or anyone else. Jonathan Crane, Selina, and Pamela all keep an eye out on the little Storm, knowing what happened to her after her escape from Hush.

Katrina's facing things worse than Batman and nightmares this time. She's fighting for her life, but she's killing herself. What happens when the one thing that can cure her will kill her with a single thought? It's all just another riddle for her to figure out. Only this time, she's doing it with a broken heart and mind.

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Indigo_Blaze Indigo_Blaze Apr 25, 2017
English is the best by FAR!!! My teachers name is Mr Sharp...scarily familiar to this teachers name 😂
ThatBabyQuinnDoh ThatBabyQuinnDoh Nov 17, 2016
Awwwww whyyyyyy riddles I mean seriously she needs to just go back and find riddler and kiss the life out of him
htersillo htersillo Aug 26, 2016
Omg when she said riddles my heart dropped and I started to cry
meganlovesyou123 meganlovesyou123 Aug 01, 2014
Why am I so emotional about this! Its sad how she is mentally dead :'(
SpeakNoEvil SpeakNoEvil Jan 20, 2012
@Stephthefall that's awesome =D i didn't really think anyone would like that... and it's my nick name at school... no lie =P going to try and put up another chapter today. I'm going out of town for the weekend and there's no internet where i'm going =( Just a couple more Chapters till the Ball! XD
SuperAwesomeBatSteph SuperAwesomeBatSteph Jan 20, 2012
I was thinking, and ya know what Catwoman could call Kat? Kit Kat.