Billdip: As The Sapling Grows

Billdip: As The Sapling Grows

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Most of the pictures I use aren't mine! Just wanted to say that. If they are drawn out then they're most likely mine or something where I looked at the screen and drew it on a paper. On to the description!

Actually, also.. 
Warning: Obviously yaoi (smut or lemon), (I don't know what alot of the stuff I used is called so..), mpreg, aaand... That's it I think to warm about. Now, the description!

Mabel & Dipper's Mother's POV:
Pregnant with the twins...

I can't.. I can't have these twins. I know they're twins, it runs in the family. It's not too late to get an abortion. I can't let these two be cursed by something there uncles did. I-.. I can't.. 

Asleep and about to have surgery~
(Keep in mind I have no idea how abortions are done.. I'm just winging it)
I was asleep, but.. something was wrong.

3rd person POV: As the doctor was about to cut open her stomach, a yellow bubble with an eye on it appeared around the woman. Their mother woke up and looked around. "Sorry, but I can't let you do that. I've waited too long and you can't stop me from taking what's mine." a voice said in her head. 

After Mrs. Pines left the office~ 
She was driving home. The demon wouldn't let her kill herself or get rid of the twins. She.. She just hoped they would be safe. Especially the boy.

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