Ask or Dare FNAF Sister Location!

Ask or Dare FNAF Sister Location!

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kyle By TheStoryteller9 Updated Oct 19

Eggs Benedict: Hey, this is an ask or dare book or uh something *looks at notecards* Don't forget to try The Granny Smasher at Perkins? Who wrote these notes?!
Baby: We'll try to answer anything you ask us!
LolBit: LOL, so what are ya waiting for? Go ahead and read if you'd like!

(The FNAF franchise and its characters belong to Scott Cawthon. Art is not mine)

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FNAF19871983 FNAF19871983 Nov 09, 2017
Wait how can Ballora be a head shes industructable there is only one thing that can break them the SCOOPER!
jigglypuff2001 jigglypuff2001 Nov 30, 2016
Umm did Funtime freddy just make a pun (papyrus mode engaged)
Hey baby are you related to Nightmare soul wise since crying child is him and he's ya know who's brother?
MicroChan MicroChan Aug 26
It's hecking heck in Caesar Cipher (When I hear the word Cipher, the first thing that comes to my mind is Gravity Falls. Ah... childhood.)