A Serial Killer's Guide to Romance [✔]

A Serial Killer's Guide to Romance [✔]

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***On Hiatus *** By bheatley Completed

A Serial Killer finds bloody love with the Girl Next-door

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10.28.2016 #17 in Horror 
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WickedElsa WickedElsa Sep 20, 2017
I'm a simple person when I see Adam Driver on the cover I read.
Ssnicks Ssnicks Sep 15, 2017
Oh great, now I can picture him as Kylo Ren the whole time I'm re-reading this
lucferase lucferase Nov 03, 2017
The quote my mother replied after I told her I'm afraid of ghosts. lol. 😝
WordsThroughImages WordsThroughImages Oct 16, 2017
WOO another book. I just love how your topics aren't regular for Wattpad. You think outside the box and make a killer story!!! Thank you for your beautiful imagination.
SurmiShahi SurmiShahi Jan 31
Lowkwy glad bc i JUST left my other book bc i was uncomfortable lmao and my friends were like ‘vanilla’