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A Serial Killer's Guide to Romance [✔]

A Serial Killer's Guide to Romance [✔]

30.5K Reads 2.4K Votes 69 Part Story
unagi By bheatley Completed

A Serial Killer finds bloody love with the Girl Next-door

[Extended Summary inside]

10.28.2016 #17 in Horror 
10.25.2016 #19 in Horror 
10.24.2016 #21 in horror 
10.21.2016 #30 in Horror

Original Fiction | ©bheatley


1quickfix 1quickfix Dec 08, 2016
Ahhhhh A Clockwork Orange...
                              That reference alone, I should enjoy this book.
                               💉💉💊💊 D.B.
carolinaablack carolinaablack Nov 18, 2016
I was expecting you to write smut. I'm indignated, I'm leaving *silently keeps reading and hopes nobody notices I'm still here*
QuiescentEssence QuiescentEssence Nov 19, 2016
I love this already!:o
                              Not even just saying so because we've become friends or even because you praised my work; this is legitimately intriguing, refreshing and written well right from the get-go!
- - Dec 06, 2016
Definitely. It's sickening how weak-willed the female characters are portrayed (though I've only ever read Twilight back in the day, sadly) and especially how 50 Shades of Gray glamorizes abusive relationships (for instance, the 'red room'). So I applaud you. Looking forward to this book. (:
This sounds like Joker and Harley Quinn. Two villains in love aye let's go #FTR
TheWilliamBecker TheWilliamBecker Oct 31, 2016
Just realized that you used Smashing Pumpkins. One of my favorite bands