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Meh School RP

Meh School RP

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Uhhhhh By LinkinPark1640 Updated Mar 05


-Chaye- -Chaye- Oct 11, 2016
Name: Nova Vange
                              Age: 18
                              Gender: MALE
                              Sexuality: Straight
                              Looks: Midnight Hair, Dark blue eyes.
                              Family: None
                              Likes: Stuff
                              Dislikes: Stuff,Bullies
                              Crush: Open
                              Other: IDK
-Sky_Fullbuster- -Sky_Fullbuster- Oct 12, 2016
Name: Luna Moonstar
                              Age: 14
                              Sexuality: straight.
                              Looks: I'll tag ya.
                              Likes: the night. 
                              Dislikes: the day..
                              Crush: none.
                              Other: not much....
Mirraj_Emertt Mirraj_Emertt Oct 16, 2016
Um I understand is I can but can I use my Oc Sara? I can tag you in my Oc book so you can see her
-Chaye- -Chaye- Oct 11, 2016
Name: Yandere Chu
                              Age: 18
                              Gender: FEMALE
                              Sexuality: Straight
                              Looks: White hair, Red eyes.
                              Family: Ryu and Yandelle ( I forgot to put Yandere on Ryu and Yandelle's forms)
                              Likes: Stuff
                              Dislikes: Bullies, stuff
                              Crush: Open
                              Other: IDK
Lars_Dragneel Lars_Dragneel Oct 12, 2016
Kai Sindo
                              Age : 16
                              Looks : Profile pic
                              Likes : Relaxing
                              Dislikes : Bullies
                              Crush : I'll go with any girl
                              Other : Not much to say
- - Oct 11, 2016
                              Black hair green eyes
                              None, she's technically an orphan but she lives by herself
                              Find out
                              Any type of abuse
                              Open (probably one of your OCs XD)