CRUSHED (Snape / Hermione)

CRUSHED (Snape / Hermione)

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(Snamione /Love story / Funny / Mature / Smut)

Hermione has a crush on A certain potions master
But is it just a silly crush or something more?
She still has feelings for Ron - will they get together?

Find out in.....


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Contains foul language and smut 
Please be aware of this before reading

Sorry for grammar mistakes :-p

All rights belong to JK Rowling
I own nothing / just a simple fanfic

Snape. Snape. Severus. Snape. 
                              Snape. Snape. Severus. Snape.
Why the every lovin hell would your owl a teacher out of the blue like that? Even if you have a crush on them. That's just weird. And obvious....
I lost it, I totally lost it, Snape farthing is a scene I will never be able to un-imagine 😆