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Stolen Soldiers

Stolen Soldiers

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Taylor By Kanchana Completed

Some 300,000 child soldiers are used around the world. Every year the number rises for more children are being taken from their homes and recruited into the barracks.
Places like Sierra Leone, Liberia, Congo, Sudan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and Burma are the main places where these wars are taking place.
As a writer, it is important to choose both an interesting and grabbing storyline, but this it is not for entertainment. It is for facts and spreading awareness around the world of the things only to many people know nothing about.
How many of you have heard of the young girls and boys, younger than you and I, and are dragged from their homes and a weapon shoved in hand to fight? How many of you have actually held a gun, let alone used one to shoot unknown numbers of people?
This war, in Sierra Leone, is destroying our children’s lives. It takes their childhood and turns them into murders. Over 50,000 children have already lost their lives, it is important for us to do our part and stop these things from happening.
Also, as you read you will notice some words have a * beside it. This means that the word is in the glossary at the end of the story. These words are mostly from the native language of Sierra Leone, known as Krio.

Thank you.

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