The Hybrid Life    -OC x BBC

The Hybrid Life -OC x BBC

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Frow Frow~ By BadassFreakShow Updated Oct 16

We're all hybrids. That's pretty much it.

Name: Jupiter 
                              Personality: Sweet, kind, helpful, funny, and humorus 
                              Clothes: a long bagy dark blue sweater, black tank top, high knee boots, black ripped skeany jeans, and a silver and white wolf mask 
                              Hybrid: Wolf with dark brown and light brown owl wings
                              Crush: open if not then none
Name: Jocelyn (Jojo)
                              Personality: quiet, shy, but playful and giggly 
                              Clothes: usually purple hoodie, ripped jeans, and purple converse
                              Hybrid: owl
                              Crush: Evan(Vanoss) 
                              Is this ok? Lol
So idk if we just comment or something but yolo
                              Name: Moon Light (idk man...)
                              Personality: funny, crazy, brave, kind
                              Clothes: red and black shirt, black skinny jeans and combat boots
                              Hybrid: Black wolf
HoodFox HoodFox Oct 11
Name: Zilo
                              Personality: Shy quiet very cute wears glasses has a bad past loves music is very fun and energetic when wanted to
                              Clothes: long navy blue hoodie,
                              Black convers, beine(the hat), tanktop/black and white, black jeans,
                              Hybrid: Ablino fox
                              Crush: Tyler and mini
                              Is this ok???
Umm, if I'm not too late, I have a person...
                              Name: Sierra Frost
                              Personally:playful, opportunistic, introverted, childish and procrastinator.
                              Cloths: oversized purple hoodie, black shorts and sneakers with purple laces
                              Crush: Terrorizer
                              (That's it right?) Have a good day
Name: Angel or A
                              Hair: dirty blond w blue ends
                              Personality: caring, loving, flirty, happy most the time
                              Clothes: grey tank top w blue hoodie, bark blue skinny jeans, white sneakers.
                              Hybrid: white fox