Teen Wolf One Shots - Book 6

Teen Wolf One Shots - Book 6

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∆ Satan ∆ By BeTheDerekToMyStiles Updated 2 days ago

Hey guys!

Book 6!
So, yeah.
You can request anything, though, if I think the request is just a little, ya know, too much, I have the right to say that I ain't makin' it for ya.
Which doesn't happen often, but, just for your information, 'kay?
Anyways, gimme some requests!
I'd love to write em. 
So, yeah.
That's it. 
Have fun reading!

Love you!
Xx - L

How about one where the pack are sick of their sexual tension and they knock them out and tie them up so they're like pressed together and they get awkward cuz they Both are hard and it leads to some desperate sex becuz hormones
Could you maybe do one wehre Stiles, Lima an Brett do their first date, but in the end it just turns out, that they are having a threesome?
1000a1000 1000a1000 Oct 12
make one where Scott realizes his feelings Stiles, but Stiles is to go the country and Scott will stop
Hey, could you maybe consider writing a one shot where Derek and Stiles adopt a baby?🙈
Their first sexual experience (like the first sexual thing they did)