The Hybrid Princess

The Hybrid Princess

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Weird_Child212 By Weird_Child212 Updated Sep 24, 2017


That is the names star hear's everyday on the streets 

Star the girl that was special in every way,loved to help and always had a smile on her face,but behind that smile was a girl lost on the world with out her parents or someone to wake up beside. She wasn't completely lost she had her foster mom and dad and their two kids that was a year older and younger then her,but she she couldn't help but think that they was hiding something from her. And if you come up to her the wrong way she will turn ghetto real quick 

Xander the second MOST feared alpha in the whole United States and then some, the first was his dad,twenty four mate less but he chooses to be, he killed the fifteen-twenty he had over the years he's cold hearted,selfish and hated by other alphas, his pack stays three, not one or two, three steps ahead of the game but can manage free time.  

When these two paths intersect what will Xander do? 

Will they work?

Don't still or take any part of my story with out asking but 50% percent of the time I will say u can

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