I'll Never Let Go......

I'll Never Let Go......

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Abbi By abbiii Updated Apr 13, 2011

I'll never let go.....

Darlington is a place never overlooked, never questioned,a place of mystery.

But it is not until Ronnie moves there with her fiance', that she realises what a big mistake that was. Never able to take it back. Left alone, completely isolated.

Will Ronnie ever be able to restore whats lost; or will she forever be left to suffer in horror and devastation?

Through all these tradgic events, something happens to Ronnie; but what will it be? and why is it that something so precise could be the end of everything? What will she choose.....

xDareToCarex xDareToCarex Apr 16, 2011
Ohh awesome start! It  reveals what the book will be about but not too much to know what will happen.
FluoroGirl FluoroGirl Feb 22, 2011
Heyy :)
                              Megan sent me to check out your work xD
                              I love your prologue, nice work! :)
                              Voted >.<
vantablack vantablack Feb 05, 2011
Yes, definitely capitalize your dialogue sentences! It's very important that you do. Also, a little more detail would be fantastic, it would put the reader behind the eyes of the main character.
dreamy_ dreamy_ Feb 05, 2011
Good job but you need to CAPATALIZE YOUR SENTANCES whenever someone speaks, or when your adding to what they are saying, also, a few spelling mistakes here and there but it's not a big issue. :) CHECK OUT MY BOOK AND COMMENTON IT TELL ME WHATCHA THINK! :)
MissKrill MissKrill Jan 24, 2011
very captivation, weird dream, more detail, keep going(:>)love it
Purerose Purerose Jan 24, 2011
Interesting idea. Some minor mistakes but really good start. :)