One Step Closer (A Grayza Fanfic)

One Step Closer (A Grayza Fanfic)

7.9K Reads 344 Votes 17 Part Story
불장난 By TaeWithSomeKookies Completed

A mission Team Natsu takes on goes unexpectedly wrong when Jellal is sent to stop Erza. As she realises her feelings for Gray, will everything end alright?

• Some parts of the story are different than what would be expected in Fairy Tail.
• I do not own the characters or Fairy Tail, I only own the plot.
• Grayza and Nalu are endgame.

Started: 11 Oct 2016
Finished: 29 Oct 2016

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8SeaBunny8 8SeaBunny8 Oct 08, 2017
Oh my Irene!!!
                              THE PICTURE MOVES WHAT KIND OF WITCHCRAFT IS THIS!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHH
Mizuki_Scarlet Mizuki_Scarlet Apr 13, 2017
Me too I love it when my sister(Erza-nee-chan) is with Gray-nii(I call him Gray-nii because they will be married soon)
Gaarafan14 Gaarafan14 May 03, 2017
Grayza is love. Grayza is life. No matter what, I will always ship Grayza! FAR better than Jerza or any other ship!
8RandomFangirl8 8RandomFangirl8 Oct 13, 2017
                              Oh wait someone already put that...oops
AshleeKateDragneel AshleeKateDragneel Dec 17, 2017
We are over-powered by jerza minna-san!!!!!Are you all loyal?
LadyFrostine LadyFrostine Oct 12, 2016
OMGGG!!!😍😍😍so it came out already?!?!I wasnt told that it is!😍😍so love it,cant wait to read the next chappies😘