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Byron was the Alpha's son, yet he isn't an Alpha.

Lynn is the daughter of two Betas, yet she's half human.

Both of them feel a bit like freaks.

Until they meet and find out that sometimes all it takes is love to make us 'normal'.

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  • beta
  • love
  • mates
  • romance
  • war
hungryreaderforever hungryreaderforever Dec 05, 2017
She's injured,bleeding and in pain but he think it's good time for story
What an interesting change of events to the shifters role. He is born from an Alpha and Beta but not an Alpha but concerned a peacemaker. She was born of two Betas but is Human. What are the odds. Let me read on to see what happens. I already know I will enjoy this story also.
bernie-26 bernie-26 Oct 05, 2017
Have you tried protein shakes? I know they're nasty but some people tell me it works.
9502su 9502su Oct 11, 2016
Nice concept
                              You have very creative brain
                              Thank u for beautiful stories
StefLena StefLena Oct 13, 2016
Another beautiful story in the makings. I have stitches in my mouth, so when I read what Bryon said that he had a 4-Pack in abs, I burst out laughing, and it hurt like heck. Great start, I am hooked as always.