Coming Home (boyxboy)

Coming Home (boyxboy)

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Formerly: onurkneespls By MarcusAtley Completed

"Graduation in four days, baby!" Roman howled as he swung Alex in a stumbling circle. Alex gasped and instinctively clung to him when Roman was thrown off balance and they tumbled to the ground. Roman's larger arms clutched Alex tightly as he took the brunt of the impact.

"You're such an idiot!" Alex laughed as he wiggled himself free and held out a hand to his grinning best friend. "You're going to break your neck one of these days."

Roman rolled his whiskey eyes. "Please, I'm sure Basic is going to give me a lot worse than a sore tailbone." Alex's smile and gaze fell to the ground. "Hey," Roman began, apologetic. Alex shrugged off the large, rough hand that gripped his shoulder.

"Good morning, sexy." Alex groaned inwardly at the approaching voice.

The voice of Tori Mason reminded him of feral cats in heat. It was whiny, dirty, and desperate. He watched as her slender arms snaked around Roman's waist and her pushed up breasts pressed into his stomach while she giggled and batted h...

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- - Feb 05, 2016
This is barely the first chapter and the feels are already there
IIRainbowII IIRainbowII Sep 11, 2016
I had my fair share of friends but these two are just way too much cuddle cuddle.. If you know what I mean 😂
Versus16 Versus16 Dec 01, 2016
I'm reading the rest of the chapters so I can feel the drama.
Taeminswifey1 Taeminswifey1 Feb 29, 2016
My heart is already breaking..... it's only the first chapter
Versus16 Versus16 Dec 01, 2016
To be honest, highschool never ends because the same thing happens even after those dreaded years. People rarely change.
IJustFeelSoFree IJustFeelSoFree Dec 17, 2015
I read "lesbian pain." I apologize. This is my second time reading this and I'm SOOO glad it's back. It's my favorite story on this website. It's a beacon of light in this dark ocean of Larry Stylinson smut