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Rayne By EternalNight Updated May 01, 2013

I washed the blood off from my body as Michael took my bloody clothes into the washing machine. I scrubbed the blood off of my hair, turning the water into a light pink from the blood. I looked down at my feet to see my wounds already closing from the fierce battle I just endured. In the process I lost someone important...

"I.........Elena I'm so sorry. I should've told you but....."

"Michael don't....."

He had such pain and sorrow in his voice. I stood there in silence just watching water drip from my now semi wounded body. My stomach began to burn as bile grew intensly into my throat. My skin stayed pale and my nails began to shrink to their normal size. I looked at my hands with dry blood on them and managed to say a few words.

"Tell me everything and I mean EVERYTHING Michael. No more lies and secrets. Who is she?"

Elena and Amelia Cassianus are twin sisters who were separated at the age of eight. Their father Damon, leader of the High Bloods a society of werewolves, and their mother Annette, Empress of the Vampire Imperial Court, sent their baby daughters away in order to keep them safe from their eldest daughter Alice who is hell bent on killing them. In the process of the girls discovering who they are they discover lies, secrets, love, loss, fear, and blood.

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