Under The Blue Moon With You (Jikook)

Under The Blue Moon With You (Jikook)

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ChimMochi By ChiminieOppa Updated Jul 25, 2017

"Folklore says that the person you're with under the blue moon will be your lifetime partner"

Where Park Jimin decides to bring his boyfriend Yoongi to watch the blue moon with him. But he ended up watching it with another boy (Jungkook) who was happen to just taking a stroll. Now Jimin starts to see the boy nearly everyday and his feelings towards Jungkook grew as his feelings for Yoongi started to disappear? 

Will fate bring them together? Or its just a total coincedence? 

Another Jikook story~ 


  • bluemoon
  • bts
  • fate
  • fluff
  • humor
  • jikook
  • jimin
  • jungkook
  • koomin
Whenever u hear the word BROAD that means mama Jin is in town
I feel bad for poor little yoongi. He gets upset in a lot of jikook stories but I dont blame him... ;-;
-etherealoki -etherealoki May 15, 2017
hi do you have little grammar mistakes and it bothers me a bit sorry but it does i'm a grammar nazi
gukkmin- gukkmin- May 31, 2017
damn yoonmin is sweet af thats makes me confused to choose between jikook and yoonmin TT
crazyfangirlluv crazyfangirlluv May 01, 2017
Yay I always found clumsy (smurfs) cute. Now I can marry him.
No_Oxyjin_No_Life No_Oxyjin_No_Life Mar 03, 2017
Blue moon....this sounds familiar... The Smurfs😂😂 I'm sorry I -