The Rejected Alpha

The Rejected Alpha

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Brianna By BriLynnbooks Completed

She was cruel, cold, heartless, the definition of dangerous. She was hated among other Alphas, feared among rogues, but loved among her pack. Being an extremely skilled fighter, she rarely lost any battle. 

Even so....

she lost one battle, the second she was rejected, she had lost.

Or had she?

jazz626 jazz626 Jan 05
I just hope that she doesn't get back together with her old mate, like some other rejected wolf stories. I love ur book so fair though!!
-effete- -effete- Jan 13
Ughhh I'm supposed to be waiting for you to finish the sequel/s but I can't resist anymore hahah
WTFLifeWhy246 WTFLifeWhy246 Dec 02, 2016
I am crying, it's just reading this for the second time is nostalgic
clumsyharu clumsyharu Nov 07, 2016
I feel like there's a reason behind it, don't jump to conclusions too quickly guys. Maybe there's a reason behind it~
So I realized I started on the sequel so I came here first to understand the plot :D
aniexluv aniexluv Jan 09
Somehow in always seen as "the innocent one" oh if they only knew how wattpad ruined mi innocence