The Fox And The Lion (Loke X Reader)

The Fox And The Lion (Loke X Reader)

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You're a newly discovered constellation, The Arctic Fox. You appear out of nowhere, surrounded by unfamiliar faces, unaware of who you are, what you are, your purpose and how things work. Knowledge falls into place and you realise that the man you thought was a simple womanizer is actually the one who holds your heart. 

You're (y/n) and you continue to reject your feelings... until you feel the need to make  a move... 

Note: I do not own any Fairy Tail characters and this is my first ' X Reader ' give me tips for how to improve. Also every five votes I get on my recent chapter I'll write a new chapter.

Wow what do you think if anybody fell that far from the sky😥
winxqueens winxqueens May 18
Id say 
                              Did u come from the dump cuz u have the face of trash
                              But i have said i crawled up from hell before
I fell from heaven cause they didn't want a demon on their ground.
Lol my nickname at school is Kitsu or Kitsune it depends on what you like
Crawl up? I left a wave of destruction in my wake. LOTTA PEOPLE DIES
Satan is my name, destruction, chaos and bloodshed is my game