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amlyricmichell By amlyricmichell Updated Oct 10, 2016


Walking into the house I put the keys up in locked the door walking straight to the kitchen i saw meek eating a sandwich " hey baby " I kissed him in he chuckled " how was it ?" I shrugged " it was okay not the same but okay you know " he nodded in I went into the pantry to grab a bag of chips " I'm starving " 

He nodded agreeing " yeah when you gone make me my food ?" I smiled up at him " okay I will , what do you want ?" He sat at the table " I don't know just make whatever taste good " I nodded looking in the fridge 

I looked over at meek who was on his phone probably on Instagram lurking in shit I took out some fruit " I'm going to make my special fruit salad in , some spaghetti for you " he nodded in leaned back still paying attention to his phone 

I started cooking feeling a lot of buzzing on my phone I just knew he posted something because I haven't posted anything I was known as Meeks girlfriend 

Have a mentioned he's a famous rapper ? 

I sat at the table waiting f...

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nickiminajm nickiminajm Oct 10, 2016
Just because your Meeks daughter 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍