Revealed (Fairy Tail Fanfiction)

Revealed (Fairy Tail Fanfiction)

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Noelle Night a girl who is on the run from her nemesis that hunts her down endlessly. Noelle use to be in a guild called the Angel Wings that had long history with the Fairy Tail guild, but the history between the two guilds are slowly forgotton. Until her ex-best friend betrays her and take over the guild turning it into a Dark guild name The Dark Wing.

She stumbles across Magnolia and Team Natsu. She has to face difficult decisions and learn to trust someone besides herself. She begans to blossom into something more than she thought she was and the time for her to face her evil opponent and to stop running away from him will be an epic battle between Fairy Tail and The Dark Wing Guild. 

Before all of that happens, Noelle also lost her memory of who she was when she was just a little girl. She can't remember anything except a horrible memory that torments her forever. When she joins Fairy Tail and meets the Mysterious Mystogan. She finally founds out why she can't remember who she is and finally get some answers to her questions. Will she accept the new life that was given to her or will she just run away once again? 

Above all things that have to happen she founds herself strangely attractive to Gray, the ice wizard. She denies the attraction but what will she do if it gets out of hand? 

Will she win against her dark nemesis and her entire ex-guild or will she fail?

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KiroDeFe-Brotherhood KiroDeFe-Brotherhood Jul 07, 2016
The fact that Erza has her farewell armor is not a good sign