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☯ Harry was selectively mute, antisocial, and wore a punk exterior. He tattooed his body and pierced his skin. He thought he was alright being alone, but he soon discovered otherwise. ☯

TRAILER - http://youtu.be/umxdA7QuvV4

SellyHSx SellyHSx Aug 14, 2016
Every minute, every time, every day, every month, every year.. And I can say .. Always? Yeah I think 🌚💔 lmao
jequasia_bailey jequasia_bailey May 23, 2016
He look like mals brother or the human version of venom off of spiderman
Free_And_Young Free_And_Young Aug 27, 2016
isafarro01 isafarro01 Sep 27, 2016
Um? What? I don't belong? Please.... uh? Me? Yeah no of course not what do you mean
YOgurl335 YOgurl335 Dec 29, 2016
But I never forget where I belong. 
                              😏 hee hee 
                              I need a life 
                              Speaking of lives go follow mine on Wattpad where I don't do anything interesting👍🏼🤙🏼
Story_Of_My_Life_XD Story_Of_My_Life_XD Sep 30, 2016
This is why you wait until you have a stable job and money to have sex