Challenging The Alpha (Wattys2016) #JustWriteIt COMPLETED

Challenging The Alpha (Wattys2016) #JustWriteIt COMPLETED

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"You like games Maddison?" Jay asked with a wicked smirk.

"Games are for children." I spat with venom.

Jay raises a perfectly shaped eyebrow at me. "No, games are not for children if the results are life and death."

I narrow my eyes at his threat. "I won't be a player in your sick games."

"No darling, you are the game and I have every intention of winning."


                  Maddison Holt is the youngest and only female alpha in North America. Due to the loss of her father, her mother becoming ill from the loss of her mate, Maddison took over the role as alpha. Maddison always believed that a mate would drag her down and simply cause nothing but destruction, which just so happen to be correct.

Maddison's mate, is the killer who ruthlessly slaughtered her father.

Jay Pierce is the most feared, known and ruthless alpha in history. He's the devil in disguise as an angel with his handsome looks. Don't let his façade fool you for being merciless. 

Maddison never wanted a mate in the first place, and now she certainly doesn't want the man who killed her father.

This vicious alpha is the cause behind her nightmares, her painful cries, her mothers pain, her short childhood. This male is the reason she was destroyed.

Maddison finds herself challenging her mate time and time again, after all Jay loves games.

But there is one certain game Jay is planning to win.

Her heart.

Started/ 10/13/16
Completed/ 12/02/16

Cover by the wonderful indielights

She's proba8just saying that so she doesn't get mad or upset
izzyjean13 izzyjean13 Nov 18
Im pretty sure she can't  forbid him from claiming her either why that bish gonna get it
TrylleKid TrylleKid Nov 07
so far so goooood 
                              not the usual "im a poor omega getting bullied everyday 
                              it is getting old
frasermagoo frasermagoo Oct 12
sounds good she was a bit mean to her cousin by laying down an Alpha command about having a mate mark her until her mum stepped in just because Maddi wants power does not mean that everyone else does