Another Person's Property (Mike x Vincent) {Sequel to Legally Property}

Another Person's Property (Mike x Vincent) {Sequel to Legally Property}

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Lowkey Lonely By addict3d2fazb3ar Updated May 14

28 Year Old Mike Schmidt  has recently been arrested for a crime he technically did not commit 
Sexual assault of a minor 
Now he is sentenced 30-50 years in prison 
The worst part is, he may never be able to see the one he loves again 
"It's the worst case of abuse we've ever seen" They said 
16 Year Old Vincent Valentine is a boy that stands at five foot five with a whole list of things wrong with him 
Attempted suicide over four times 
Attempted murder of his extremely abusive father 
Not to mention anorexia, depression, and a mild case of schizophrenia 
He is currently held at the Stonebrook Teenage Mental Facility 

He was released for about a week until he had a break down after visiting Mike in prison. But he doesn't last in the asylum very long before yet another man comes along and is interested in taking him in. This man is not like Mike in the slightest
And this man is not a nice guy in the slightest either 

Now that Mike is locked away without a way of doing anything   
It will change the course of everything...

TheFallingStar565 TheFallingStar565 Oct 14, 2016
Please continue some of your stories
                              Their amazing 
                              Unless you want's up to you
fanfiction4fnaffans fanfiction4fnaffans Oct 10, 2016
Oh god *buckles seatbelt* get ready for heartbreak, feels, and anger. LETSSSS GOOO INTO ANOTHER AMAZING ASS BOOK 😍😍