Yes, Chef

Yes, Chef

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Linda  Verji ✌ By lindaverji Updated Nov 13

Chef, Greyson Teller has had a thing for Snow Harrison since the moment she walked into his kitchen asking for a job. When she breaks up with her longtime boyfriend for what has to be the millionth time, he decides that this is finally his chance to show her that he's one who truly knows the way to her heart.

It's about to get hot in the kitchen.

DISCLAIMER: Mature Content ahead. Step in at your own risk

Lol 😂 the struggle is real men like Charlie deserve a kick in the butt
Only thing you'll be taking from me is a a** whipping if you don't get out my face!
SadeSundara SadeSundara Oct 18
Over. A. Bike? Forreal. It's reallllyyy not that deep. Go to Walmart... it's like $100
PacifiedLunatic PacifiedLunatic a day ago
Am I the only one that read the last part as a sinister conclusion... "Dun, dun duuuun!!!
SadeSundara SadeSundara Oct 18
My time is a commodity. I literally don't have time for foolishness.
fedjex fedjex Oct 10
*cough cough* getting hot in the kitchen 😏. I know for sure I'm gon love this book