Stranded on a lonely stretch of road, a delivery driver comes face to face with a creature he hits with his car. But it is no ordinary Roadkill. It is something strange and frightening which he cannot comprehend. Something which just might be hunting him.... From the author of 'Bedtime', 'Tunnels', 'The Melancholy of Herbert Solomon', and 'On a Hill'.

julesanne493 julesanne493 Jun 02, 2015
Amazing story! I've been reading for a little while now but this is the first time I'm commenting. You've got such detailed, enrapturing descriptions. Every time I read one of your stories I can't get up until I've finished the whole thing! I do wonder what they were building in there...
TheSinningFangirl TheSinningFangirl Sep 20, 2014
Love it! So much detail! And the way you described the factory and the monsters, it just amazed me!! I feel sorry for Jones, although he kept running over all those poor animals he'd find crossing the street. What a sociopath. I wonder what the factory made though..
cheamcat cheamcat Sep 20, 2014
Good story, well paced. I particularly enjoyed Jones's detailed observations of the derelict offices in the mill, the pathos of a man facing a horrible death, imagining and envying the happy, ordinary lives of the men and women who had done their shifts and headed home. Voted
DavidC93 DavidC93 Aug 17, 2014
Love this story, the setting is amazing, utterly grim but I love it.
onyxphoenix97 onyxphoenix97 Jul 05, 2014
I would've loved to learn more about what the factory made, that could be a whole other story!
123Run 123Run Jan 29, 2014
This was a very good story, really interesting ! I love your stories, but they tend to keep me awake at night !