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.Mirror.Image//.02 [Completed]

.Mirror.Image//.02 [Completed]

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Maddy By madsymadsy Completed

Sabastien is an Always; a divine spirit that has regrets on Earth, and therefore can't move on. However, Sabastien can't remember what his regret is, and he can't leave the world he so hates. In order to leave our world, Sabastien must gather "Fragments of Time", or Time Pieces, so he can remember what he regrets so much. To make matters worse, Sabastien is a rare case of Always: his soul is split in half, divided by Good Intentions and Bad Intentions. His black half - the Bad Intentions - wants to stay on Earth, and is destroying all the Fragments he can get. With the help of a small boy who can see Always for what they are and aided by another Always, Sabastien must stop his Bad Intentions before he can destroy all the Fragments, and he is stuck in our world forever.

madsymadsy madsymadsy Sep 12, 2010
@Cookies_--_ :O!! Thank yoouuu so much! From my freakin' heart. xD Yes, thank you again! I think it's an epic comment. >:D 
madsymadsy madsymadsy Jul 09, 2010
@lissacullenxo Holy fudgesticks, YOU are fricken' amazing! <3
                              Thank you sooo muuuch!! <3
                              >////< That was an incredible comment! xD 
                              Thank you thank you!! ///
                              I wish I could come up with an awesome reply, but I'm starstruck by that comment. xD
madsymadsy madsymadsy Jul 06, 2010
@auroradavis16 :D LOL. Yay! Thank you! -Going to read yours now-
                              I turned 13 on March 22nd. >:D <3
auroradavis16 auroradavis16 Jul 06, 2010
Wowowowowowowowowowowowowoooooooooooooooow! ... WOW. 
                              This is so poetically beatiful and very true. I'm definatley going to continue reading. You're seriously only 13?! Honestly? Really? 
                              I'll say it again.... WOW! 
Ephemerrealityy Ephemerrealityy Jun 25, 2010
oh my god, that had chills going down my spine! Especially the lines "Words, words words. Deathly words are worlds." and the "Lies, lies, lies." one. I think i'll continue to read this. :)
strawberrykiller37 strawberrykiller37 Jun 25, 2010
                              ugh i swear i thought i commented on this again.
                              anyways your words are so poetic, it's dark but harsh and truthful
                              it reealllly leaved you reeling in your thoughts.
                              great job! ^.^