Becoming the Badass

Becoming the Badass

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Writtenrrae By Writtenrrae Updated Mar 03

Kacey Willson had never been the type of girl to brag about her endless wealth or boast about her Einstein-like intelligence, she was the girl who blended; the type of girl who was made to blend. 

When rumours began to spread and her virtue was questioned, Kacey had no one to turn to but herself, she only had one choice left: to leave. 

In her new city, she was determined to make a stand; to show people she wasn't as weak and vulnerable as they thought her to be. Trading in her trusty rimmed glasses for a black leather jacket, she transformed into someone new.

Now all she had to do was deal with the mysterious badboy who couldn't seem to stop dragging her into his own mess. 


Warning// Contains mature content and language. 

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alks_kamat alks_kamat Aug 10, 2017
Is it bad that this, as a story, excites me? Like I'm excited to read the book
PaintedAutumnFall PaintedAutumnFall Jan 03, 2017
I'm here from Abused mate! I look forward to reading this! I'M SOOO EXCITED!!! 😄😄😄😄👎💖💖
itscece15 itscece15 Feb 15, 2017
so basically she's the opposite of my annoying ass cousin... I already love her ahaha
Broken_Jupiter Broken_Jupiter Dec 15, 2016
@Writtenrrae you are an amazing author and your books get me hooked from the intro! OMG, I never liked to read until my cousin showed your writes to me!!
LoveMspXoxo LoveMspXoxo Dec 15, 2016
Just got done reading "Abused Mate" but I can't stop reading books by this girl.
PaintedAutumnFall PaintedAutumnFall Jan 03, 2017
OOPS! I accidently put a thumbs down! SRRY! 😢😢😢😢