It All Started In Rehab ✓

It All Started In Rehab ✓

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Chellsey :) By LiveLifeInTheRain Completed

He used to be one of TV's most beloved actors. He had the good looks, played the golden boy characters and had the voice that millions would be jealous of. He was in the spotlight and talked about daily, until one day he just wasn't. He just seemed to disappear, and with everything else going on, the mystery of where he went faded quickly, Hollywood moved on.

I was one of those that didn't follow all of the Hollywood drama, but I knew who he was; everyone did. I never thought I would see his face on magazines again, and I never once thought that Hollywood's golden boy would be sitting in front of me with lifeless eyes and an attitude that warned you not to approach him. 

I never expected to meet him in person ever, but the last place I would ever expect to see him would be Rehab.
In here no one cared who you were, all that mattered was the addiction and the fact that we all knew at this point our lives have fallen apart. Some would be put back together, and some were destroyed beyond being fixed.

Nothing ever prepared us for the addiction we would face, but even worse is no one and nothing can prepare you for the up's and down's and the trials you would face, the unexpected people you would connect with, the heartbreaking stories, the late night talks, the friends you would make and the friends you would lose. Nothing could prepare you for the horrors and happiness found here that you would be forced to live with for the rest of your life.

I thought my life was over, but I found the right people to help me through, I found out who my friends were, what the closest people in my life thought of me, most importantly I learned to live with my choices and move on, and it all started in rehab

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charlarrylotty charlarrylotty Sep 28, 2016
I love this book. I'm rereading because it's been awhile and I can't wait to read it all again.
KAKERS7675 KAKERS7675 Oct 18, 2014
I really liked this book! Can't wait for the 2nd one to come out!!!!
acomfort acomfort Jul 24, 2014
hi! i. just wanted to reach out and say I respect you for writing on this subject without glamourizing it in any way. as a recovering heroin user (5 years sober) if you have any questions or want a little insight I'd be more than happy to talk with you !
Happy-Panda Happy-Panda Jun 05, 2014
this story is so up and down IT'S KILLING ME (in a good way) can't wait for more. :)
iaminlovewithawerewo iaminlovewithawerewo Dec 10, 2013
I am so proud of you to branch out into areas that others may not be able to and this is a good area too
21kerbear21 21kerbear21 Nov 12, 2013
I am really enjoying this book wow u are a talented writer and when u say you've never experienced those things but then can write with such amazing detail is amazing truly talented!!!! Ill be waiting for an update