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The Prayer Chronicles: The Angel Agreement [Completed]

The Prayer Chronicles: The Angel Agreement [Completed]

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Maddy By madsymadsy Completed

Anastasia has lived a pretty normal life, despite the fact her mother's loaded with cash. However, she's probably the most normal teenage girl a person could meet. Black hair, glasses, bookworm. Anastasia in a nutshell. 
However, when a gorgeous young male is dumped out of a speeding car as Anastasia's walking home, that normality begins to twist. The man calls himself Zen, and he has wings. He claims scientists grafted them into his back, but Anastasia begins to delve deeper into the dark secret that is Zen. Anastasia is thrown into a world of humanity, emotions, secrets, forgotten pasts, and blood. A war is igniting, and Anastasia just may be the key to winning. However, if she's not careful around Zen, she just may lose herself.

Welcome to book one: The Angel Agreement. 
Enjoy the series: The Prayer Chronicles

madsymadsy madsymadsy Nov 15, 2012
                              Well if you ever remember, I'd love to know! ; w ; I love manga, LOL
SkyxxxMercury SkyxxxMercury Nov 12, 2012
This reminds me a LOT of a manga I once read...though i forgot the name of it o.o I read too many manga's to remember. 
NemesisAeryl NemesisAeryl Oct 23, 2012
Hmm.... My first reaction would`ve been :"Oh my god, you`re an angel. Please forgive my sins so that i can go to Heaven."
JustAnotherHobo JustAnotherHobo Aug 23, 2011
Lmfao! 'W-What do I do?! What do I do?! Oh! One-one-nine! I mean Nine-one-one!' Lol, It was like she thought that just screaming it out would call the number! ^_^
madsymadsy madsymadsy Jul 16, 2010
                              xD Great? 
                              //// Aggghh, this one. >_< This one isn't as good as The Insomniac or my others. Dx
strawberrykiller37 strawberrykiller37 Jun 18, 2010
                              Talk about mysterious and handsome, or maybe im just a sucker for experiments and hot stoic winged men.
                              fantastic-- as always-- so no surprise there.
                              lovee this<33