Never Have I Ever{Completed}

Never Have I Ever{Completed}

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Epic By Insanity0825 Completed

Best: #272 in Mystery/Thriller

Two years ago, the teenage suicide of Kellie Lovel devastated the town of Calico, Florida. Now, her nine best friends are about to reunite in the house that she died in, get a little drunk, and come to terms with the tragedy that shattered their friendship into pieces. However, little did they know that as soon as they set foot in the house, the tables would turn.

The clock  hits midnight, and the nine teenagers realize they are not alone. Little notes are left around the house for each of the friends to answer, notes that will reveal their deepest secrets. The rules are simple: answer honestly, or die.

Never have I ever told the truth, isn't that right?

Cover credit to cosmology graphics :)

TheEuphoricWriter TheEuphoricWriter Nov 05, 2016
Aww i feel really bad for Andrew :,( 
                              It was a great start btw! Cant wait to see what you have in stock for the next chapter:)
XxImagination20xX XxImagination20xX Oct 13, 2016
I really like it! Its so grim yet its not at the same time. I really am looking forward to see how Andrew deals and what else happens! Keep it up
ajkennedy98 ajkennedy98 Oct 20, 2016
I love it!! Omg you've always been such a good writer! The first paragraph had me sucked in! I can't stop reading!
XxImagination20xX XxImagination20xX Oct 15, 2016
Wow I can really feel the pain and understand. It seems so real
XxImagination20xX XxImagination20xX Oct 15, 2016
I love so much when authors leave notes for us readers. Makes us feel special ❤️❤️
AlexisEck9 AlexisEck9 Nov 19, 2016
Whattttt?!??now I have to wait to read more?!?! I was so sucked in Lmao