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Love at ex sight

Love at ex sight

14.3K Reads 775 Votes 25 Part Story
Alexia By the_mysterious__girl Completed

An average teenage girl, Danielle, not a nerd neither a popular person, but sort of in the middle. She has a normal family, but a crazy weird best friend and on the first day of school she meets a new mysterious guy, who keeps calling her Mary. 

Danielle got asked out by the most popular guy in school, who used to bully her best friend and made her teenage life a living hell, will Danielle still go out with him? And if she does, does it mean she has feelings for him or just because of a plan? Will she fall for him? And why is the new guy in school calling Danielle, Mary? Does it mean she has a twin, she never was concerned of?

  • fake
  • friends
  • friendship
  • high-school
  • love
  • mystery
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  • teens