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Dream I: The Insomniac [Completed]

Dream I: The Insomniac [Completed]

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Maddy By madsymadsy Completed

James, an insomniac, has dreams. Not the regular, nightly dreams, no, but day dreams. And the dreams he sees are not of fantasy.
Murder. Gruesome, bloody, and downright vicious murder. Those are the dreams he has. Adding a bit more of insanity, these dreams are predictions. They always come true. These "dreams", these visions, are triggered by sunlight (or very bright artificial light) and mirrors. So James' life is simple: see no light, see no mirrors, see no visions. However, one day, Jame's solitary life is thrown into chaos as the only 
thing that matters to him, his little sister Katlynn, is murdered. Determined to find and kill Katlynn's murderer, James frames himself to 
keep the police busy, and embarks to find the woman that ended his sister's life. 
Enter Rachel Songbird. She's the new cop in town, and she's determined to stop James. But soon, James' fight for Katlynn becomes a fight for his life as he struggles to find the killer that wants to end him.

madsymadsy madsymadsy May 10, 2011
@amadea :D I'm so happy that you're so happy that you found this, haha! And I'm glad you found it again. <3
supernaturalmom supernaturalmom Oct 15, 2010
Wow that would be horrible. I'm an insoniac but minus the visions, thank god. I don't think I could deal.
                              peace out
CapnPorridge CapnPorridge Aug 18, 2010
@PandorE yeah, deaths, the hook man, wendigos (men that evolved int werewolve like creatures) familiars, black dogs, man eating bugs, bloody mary, poltergeist, (ghosts that haunt a house), people being attached to the ceiling and catching on fire.... really interesting, but scary as hell.  
madsymadsy madsymadsy Aug 18, 2010
@MissMisery97 :P The Supernatural things? 
                              xD That sucks! I'll start having to wake up early and going to bed earlier too. >_O!!
CapnPorridge CapnPorridge Aug 18, 2010
@PandorE ur welcome, they're scary though lots of blood and gore, no happy little elves. i have to go to school on the 23, and i have to start waking up early now. T_T 
madsymadsy madsymadsy Aug 18, 2010
                              :D Yay, I'ma watch it (when I finish answering my emails). xD
                              D': I'm gonna have to wake up at six in a week. Why, school why?! >_<