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MonoCHROME [Completed]

MonoCHROME [Completed]

21.7K Reads 427 Votes 22 Part Story
Maddy By madsymadsy Completed

There's a rebellion burning in the creative city of Chromasia. The one diverse, unique city will be painted over black and white and made the utter same, a phenomenon called the MonoCHROME Effect. The MonoCHROME Effect entails two important laws: everything will be the same. The same hairstyles, the same jobs, the same clothes, utter sameness. The second? Anyone who tries to refuse these changes will be executed, tortured in front of the populace and humiliated. Crisis, a young girl with ominous red hair and eyes, is disgusted by how the city is taking the MonoCHROME Effect. Furious, she joins an elite group of freedom fighters; a group of misfits and outcasts, freaks and norms. They deem themselves only the Rebels, and call each other by colour. Crisis, named Red, now faces an entire government eager to rip her throat out. However, with new friends, with new challenges and obstacles, with new names and secrets, and with new loves . . . there comes Sacrifice.

ThisIsMeggehhh ThisIsMeggehhh Apr 18, 2011
Hey there, this is the third time I've read this story, I think it's such a cool idea and it's amazingly written. :) xxx
madsymadsy madsymadsy Feb 24, 2011
@Dekkajade17 :D If you properly credit me and my story MonoCHROME, I'd have no problem with it. But I have to stress: remember to credit me so people don't think you're stealing! xD 
Dekkajade17 Dekkajade17 Feb 23, 2011
Hey, Can I use the name of Chrome and the Ideas of Chrome for my story?
                              Its gonna be called the Werewolf and the Chrome..
madsymadsy madsymadsy Jan 03, 2011
                              I'm glad you like my prologues. x3
                              :D I do tend to change pictures a lot. And yeah? It was a kind of girly version of Fujimoto (Ponyo's dad) from the movie Ponyo. xD I LOVED him. <3 He was my favourite character, though the movie was only okay.
                              :D Yes I do.
rockmysocks rockmysocks Jan 03, 2011
Google Chrome! just as colorful, and very awesome :P
                              Great prologue! Your prologues are always awesome.
                              And... you changed your picture again D: It always keeps changing xp
                              I liked your old one more :P
                              And hey, do you have a Facebook account? If you do, help me out with something :D
Ephemerrealityy Ephemerrealityy Dec 30, 2010
                              DUDE, i just love your prologues! they give the best taste of what's happening and whats GOING to happen. I love your descriptions; the cut short sentences add a sort of suspense to it all! 
                              now, NEXT CHAPTER!!!