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Book 5 of the Seven Seas Series

Dimitri Romanov never believed in fairy tales. 

Born into a family of tragedy, he worked hard to make a name for himself, even if the majority of the world only knew him as Agent 47. So when his most trusted partner and close friend falls to his death in an assassination attempt and Dimitri is captured, the spy's call for revenge is inevitable. 

Zeref, the oldest of three brothers and the successor of the Sapphire throne, has never truly looked like a king. Burdened to please his mother in a way his brothers could not, Zeref is willing to sacrifice his true happiness to please a woman who never truly loved him. At least, until he meets a mysterious stranger.

(Warning: Contains Mature Subject matter, homosexual relationships and incest. Viewer discretion is advised.)

  • action
  • bxb
  • drama
  • mermaid
  • merman
  • romance
  • sevenseas
  • twins
Yay another romanov book!
                              Go Tsarevna Callioneil Nikolaevna Arabella  Romanova!
barbie66 barbie66 Oct 12, 2016
So cooooolllll...can't wait for more...thanks again...💚💙💚💙💚
laurenmillie8 laurenmillie8 Oct 09, 2016
Excited for this new story. Hope it will be good as the other books in this series.
Violett_Night Violett_Night Oct 12, 2016
Wait until he finds out mermaids exsist. Now THAT will be an interesting conversation with Jonas and company. 
                              Plus maybe the god that heard him was the Sapphire?
                              Until the next update 😊
barbie66 barbie66 Oct 12, 2016
Wowwwww.....talkabout intense...he is out of the fire but now is in the frying pan ... lets hope his good friend Jonas is there to rescue him 😔😖😢😦