Thunder Love and Priestess  (Akeno X Reader)

Thunder Love and Priestess (Akeno X Reader)

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AJ Torres By Relentlezz41 Completed

Just like my Xenovia X Reader Love and Swing I'll be missing up events to make it all fit well. I'm starting it off with the new house and all servants of Gremory including Gasper in the story. I've done so good amount on the drawing board and here goes nothing. 

We have (FN) that's a student that's rather quiet but he's been there a while but keeps to himself. He grew up without his mom and sure enough his Uncle tried to kill him since he's a Fallen Angel. Rias and company make it in time to reborn you into their house as Rias's other Rook. It's when your life changes. You find happiness, life purposes, and most of all love. Enjoy all.

I don't own High School DxD or the photo. Just a fan.

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GU4RD1AN_0f_R34P3R GU4RD1AN_0f_R34P3R Apr 28, 2017
Bro is every one we are in is Aura Storm. I saw this before in another story.
YamiNoSenkou YamiNoSenkou Oct 01, 2017
Why make it sound like a pathetic man? Should have been a cool one.
ArchangelLogan ArchangelLogan Sep 24, 2017
Don't forget about the animals, too so technically everything is better than Issei
StarFoxFluffySocks StarFoxFluffySocks Nov 05, 2017
Where's the reaction to getting a freaking spear lodge into his leg?
GU4RD1AN_0f_R34P3R GU4RD1AN_0f_R34P3R Apr 28, 2017
wow i can't believe he said that. Now if i had the power of shadow i would totally 9000% rekt you right now.*In my next story coming up soon.
TheJuniorMint TheJuniorMint Dec 08, 2017
I like how the reader has a tragic back story. Just makes the story more satisfying and relatable