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You're Mine. || Dave East

You're Mine. || Dave East

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Jordaaann😛 By Jojo_misfit12 Updated 2 days ago

He's heartless and Ruthless to everyone. He don't have love for anybody but his mother and the crew that's it. He never wanted love until he saw her, his name is Ra'Zyre David Brewster. He wanted her so he took her from everything she knew, it wasn't much of what she had but it was hers and he took her, her name is Roman Marie Lamonte. She is stubborn and mean just like him maybe that's why he wanted her.

carriese carriese Dec 05, 2016
Well nigga you couldn't have took her on a date or something you choose to kidnap her
leteashiaturney87 leteashiaturney87 Dec 01, 2016
Dangggg...i guess he get what he wants the story so far
That's my birthday month and day 😱.. January 31 😝🙌🏾✨
nywrites nywrites Feb 06
Well Damn Ted, you a fed? Cause I need some information on a few people my damn self lol
Um no.... Boy *roasting hand* don't make me kick it to yo- nah I ain't even gon' do it.
PoeticPoca PoeticPoca Dec 29, 2016
I see one ... TWO MANY curse words for you to be telling her cursing anit cute