Dark Angel - TMI

Dark Angel - TMI

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A 'Mortal Instruments' Fanfiction - Being brought up by Valentine Morgenstern made Clarissa into one of the best Shadowhunters in the world. His ways of teaching were flawless. She had infinite potential... Until he injected her with demon blood, just like he had with Jonathan. Clary could control her demon side, she could even be good if she wanted to but she loved being bad. Being bad gave her more power than she could imagine and she revelled in it. Jonathan found it difficult to control and it took over him. Valentine would say that he just wasn't strong enough but he believed that Clarissa was. Jonathan was without control and father hated that. She was the perfect hunter in her fathers eyes. The demon blood had bonded with her instead of destroying her like it did her brother. When Valentine had died and Clary had nobody left she decided to keep up what her father had been doing. Hoping to make him proud still, even if he wasn't with her.

Read to see what happens when Clary meets the Shadowhunters of the New York institute. 

Clace story. Sizzy and Malec also.

All rights go to Cassandra Clare for all the characters in the story.

oh my gods, clary , running a bar, controlling demons, and being badass,
                              Someone signal the end of the world
Omg this is so bad I'm literally rereading this story. I literally love it! She's such a badasss
I don't bite... Unles you ask me to 
                              Love that line! clary is such a badass its funny
I love the line when clary is like "you can't kill all of your girlfriends. She was a keeper she put up with you" she says it like its a normal thing to say 😂