[NOVEL COMING SOON!] Dot is a young boy with a very unique outlook on the world. Note: some people will find this hard to read, but please stick with it because it pays off in the end. [#1 Science Fiction - 10/01/12].
I love how both Dot and Zip see the world completely different!
I already love this so much! I feel like Dot might have Asperger's or something on the autism spectrum
I wish it hadn't ended so soon...I can't wait for da novel!!!!!!!!!!
Wow hands up awsome short story even though im still confused
Im one of your fan in this unique, undiscover work of mind and a talented skull.  This was one of a kind and  only one. i can't explain it but it's really AWESOME
I read this a while ago—sometime in 2012, I believe—and loved it so much that I vowed to vote on it whenever I finally created a Wattpad account. The title and storyline stuck with me (that never happens), and I just have to say, this will always be one of my favorites. :)