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Herobrine's Revenge (The Wielder Chronicles Book Two)

Herobrine's Revenge (The Wielder Chronicles Book Two)

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Jazz By outkookdrive Completed


  - -  

"I thought I told you, Nya. Herobrine cannot be destroyed." He smiled manically. "A sword to the stomach certainly can't stop me."    

  - -  

Nya is back in her hometown, and can finally put her dark past experiences behind her. She's starting a new life in the city, along with Zach and Harry and a lot of new friends, but is forgetting Herobrine really the best option? Or should she be watching out for the biggest, most terrifying threat she has ever faced?

Prepare yourself for Nya Analove's most deadly adventure yet.    

 - - 

 [please be sure to read Herobrine's Legend (Book One) before this one, otherwise nothing will make sense]  All rights reserved. I do not own Minecraft; only the characters and storyline belong to me.

TheHumanViper TheHumanViper Aug 10, 2016
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GameCreeper GameCreeper Oct 27, 2016
Pah-leze check out my book Unwanted Royalty! I will really appreciate it!
                              BTW I LOVE your books and this series is AWSOME!!!!!!!
Owlsrulethenight Owlsrulethenight Apr 19, 2016
Omg so good just started reading ur books i have minecraft on my phone omg if someone made a map out of this that would be just awsome :)
KittyGotPaws KittyGotPaws Feb 13, 2016
Not to be rude or anything but who say AphroDITE as Aphroditee.
kuronoryu14 kuronoryu14 Jun 17, 2016
guys be sure to check out my story and drop a comment on suggestions and/or what you think about it. thnx.
SweDinoGaming SweDinoGaming Jan 15, 2016
It would be so fcking cool if someone made a minecraft roleplay based on your story *-* Maybe SGBBarberian, SkyDoesMinecraft or someone else in their "team"/"office" would like to do that c: